Officer in Fatal Shooting of Barmaid in Nakuru Club Had Unresolved Disciplinary Matter

December 14, 2023
Inside Vegas Club in Nakuru where a police officer shot dead a bartender and wounded three others in the wee hours of Wednesday. Photo/Boniface Mwangi

The officer who shot and killed a barmaid while injuring three others at the Vegas Lounge in Nakuru had a pending disciplinary issue, authorities have said.

Nakuru County Police Commander, Samuel Ndanyi, said the officer previously faced a disciplinary matter for absconding duty.

On the shooting incident at the popular club on Wednesday night, Ndanyi explained that the officer was supposed to be on duty but opted to go clubbing.

“The officer was issued a gun, a Jericho pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition because he was supposed to be on standby,” he said as quoted by the Star.

Ndanyi reported that the officer, Constable Nicholas Musau attached to Nakuru Central Police Station, had a dispute with the club staff over a bill of Sh16,000.

“Witnesses say that Musau claimed that he had paid the money in cash, a claim that was refuted by the barmaid,” he said.

The disagreement escalated into violence when the officer threatened to shoot the barmaid, identified as 30-year-old Ms. Ann Maina. Two bouncers intervened before the cop pulled out his gun and opened fire.

“In the process, a fracas ensued and the officer fatally injured the bartender aged 30 years. Three people Benjamin Kote, 27, Edwin Apungana, 33, and Laura Kwasira were rushed to Nakuru Level Five Hospital with gunshot wounds,” a police statement reads in part.

Club Owner With Bullet Lodged in Spine

The victims included a woman believed to be the owner of the entertainment joint. The police boss said the 43-year-old woman was fighting for her life with multiple gunshot wounds.

Ndanyi also reported that the other two survivors were hospitalized at the same facility and were in stable condition.

“The two men who are believed to be bouncers at the club were shot in the abdomen, one of them was shot twice while the other one gas a single gunshot wound in the abdomen,” he said.

Nakuru Level Five Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. James Waweru said that they admitted three patients with gunshot wounds during the night.

“They were two males and a 43-year-old female. The female had multiple gunshot wounds in her legs and stomach,” said Dr. Waweru.

“She has a bullet lodged in her spine. The doctors only managed to stop the bleeding as they planned for a more advanced operation to remove the bullet. She is currently stable and undergoing a blood transfusion,” he added.

Dr Waweru mentioned that for the two bouncers, the bullets had both entry and exit wounds.

He said they would carry out additional scans as the x-rays in their abdomens did not reveal any lodged bullets.

“We are also monitoring them and will conduct further analysis to be sure that no bullet is stuck in their bodies,” he said.

Vegas Club Bouncer Recounts Shooting Incident

One of the victims, Edwin Apungana, a security guard at the establishment, recounted the incident saying he was informed by his colleagues about a disruptive client.

“I joined my colleagues in persuading him to respect the private business. We advised him to pick up his drinks and leave, but he refused,” said Apungana from his hospital bed at Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

He mentioned that during their interaction with the off-duty police officer, who was in civilian clothes, they did not know that he was armed.

“He moved several steps backward and we thought he was about to leave. Instead, he removed his pistol and shot me twice; once in the stomach and another on the side,” Apungana recounted.

The bouncer said he experienced a sharp pain in the abdomen, and all he could hear were continuous gunshots.

“I lost all my strength and all I knew was that the shooting was going on. I saw him aim the gun at other people before I fell,” he told the media.

The commander added that the officer had fled the scene and was arrested one hour later at an abandoned area in Nakuru Town West.

“Police recovered the pistol and two rounds of ammunition, they arrested police constable Nicholas Musau who will be charged with murder among other offences,” he said.

Meanwhile, the barmaid’s body was moved to Nakuru County mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

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