How does waterpolo work?

December 12, 2023

Water polo is a thrilling and demanding sport that combines elements of different disciplines.

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The sports in question include:

  • * swimming;
  • * football;
  • * and basketball.

First off, imagine a swimming pool that’s about 25 meters long and 20 meters wide, give or take, depending on whether it’s a men’s or women’s match. That’s the water polo battlefield. Each team has 7 players in the water at any time: 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper.

The teams aim to score by throwing the ball into the opponent’s net. Make all online betting on 1xBet Nigeria today and discover what is available on the great waterpolo section of this website too.

A few dynamics of the sport

Now, just like football, the game is about scoring goals. However, players can’t touch the bottom of the pool.

They have to tread water or swim the whole time, which means these athletes are serious cardio kings and queens.

The game is split into 4 quarters, each lasting about 8 minutes, but with the clock stopping frequently for fouls and goals, an average game can stretch to about 60 minutes.

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Speaking of fouls, there are 2 types: ordinary and major.

Ordinary fouls happen all the time; it’s like the ref saying, “Hey, play nice”. But a major foul, that’s when things get a bit rough, and the player who commits it has to leave the pool for 20 seconds, leaving their team short-handed.

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Lots of goals and achievements

The teams can be pretty prolific when it comes to scoring. In top-level play, it’s not unusual to see teams racking up double digits in goals.

In fact, the highest-scoring Olympic water polo game clocked in an insane 33 goals in total. There are virtual games betting only on 1xBet, where waterpolo variations that are virtual in nature can be found too.

The average player can swim approximately 2.5 kilometers in a single match, while also scoring goals.

That’s quite an achievement.

Defensively, teams work together like a watery wall, trying to block shots and steal the ball.

Goalkeepers, those unsung heroes, are the last line of defense, leaping and lunging to stop shots that can come in at over 80 km per hour. You can enjoy some virtual games betting only on the 1xBet platform, and enjoy other sports where lots of goals are scored too.

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