‘Economy Heading in the Right Direction’: Ruto Promises Kenyans Full Benefits Starting Today

December 1, 2023

President William Ruto asserts that the country is now on a positive economic course, with Kenyans set to experience the benefits of the government’s efforts to address the high cost of living starting in December.

Speaking during the first-anniversary ceremony of the Hustler Fund in Nairobi on Thursday, President Ruto reiterated that loan repayment is the sole avenue for stabilizing the country’s economy, attributing the challenges to the past regime’s implementation of inadequate policies that led to extensive borrowing and debt.

“Uchumi wetu ulikuwa katika hali mbaya…madeni mingi…sasa tumedhibiti uchumi wa taifa,” he said.

(Our economy was in dire straits, burdened by numerous debts…now we have stabilized the nation’s economy) he remarked.

“Tuko tayari sasa kuhakikisha kwamba deni zetu zote tumelipa(We are now prepared to ensure that all our debts are settled)”

“Mwezi December we will put our nation on the right economic footing. I can comfortably say Kenya is now on the right economic footing and trajectory, by paying all our debts.”

President Ruto insisted that government efforts have already started paying off, citing the cost of Unga.

“Wrong decisions made a year before are to blame. Our approach to contain high cost of living is beginning to bear fruit. Bei ya unga imeshuka…na itashuka zaidi(The price of flour has decreased, and it will continue to decline further).” Ruto declared.

He added: “It will take time but we are on our way to consolidating food security.”

Meanwhile, Ruto assured Kenyans that the economy would receive a further boost of 500,000 jobs under the affordable housing agenda.

“Mradi wa housing umeleta ajira…na vile vile decent housing. Wakenya 120,000 wameajiriwa. 500,000 Kenyans will work under the housing plan. Labour exportation and digital jobs…I will ascend to Parliamentary Bill,” he said.

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