Date Set For Export of Thousands of Kenyan Nurses to Saudi Arabia

December 22, 2023

Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary (CS) Florence Bore says Kenyan will dispatch 2,500 nurses to Saudi Arabia in mid-January.

Speaking on Thursday, CS Bore explained that this initiative is facilitated by a newly signed Bilateral Labour Agreement (BLA) between Kenya and the Gulf nation. It establishes updated conditions for the export of human resources.

“We want to streamline the process of the migrant workers. The Ministry wants to ensure we identify the right cadre of workers, process them well, and follow them even when they arrive there. We will also get to know the terms of their contracts,” the Labour Minister said.

Bore said she successfully secured job opportunities for both diploma and degree graduates in nursing during her recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

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“We are processing them and should be able to be done by the middle of January and send them to Saudi.”

To ensure a smooth process, Bore stated that she has engaged with a labor recruiting agency from Saudi Arabia, which will tour various recruiting agencies in the country.

The labor CS said the tour will also include government representatives and private recruitment agencies.

The signed BLA aims to facilitate increased labor exports from the country in the future.

According to govt data, Kenya has exported approximately 200,000 workers to the Gulf country, encompassing both domestic and skilled workers.

“We’re looking forward to taking more Kenyans, to flag off migrant workers that go to Saudi. We are even looking forward to having a desk at the airport,” CS Bore stated.

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