President Ruto calls for bold action in tackling climate change

November 22, 2023

President William Ruto has called on the world to be bold and strategic in addressing climate change crisis.

The head of state said it is time to take decisive step toward the structural shift required to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

He asked Africa, Europe and the region to work together in driving sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

“This will lead to prosperity for everyone,” he noted.

Ruto made the remarks on Tuesday in Strasbourg, France, when he addressed the European Union Parliament.

The President called for the restructuring of multilateralism and international cooperation.

He observed that multilateral and international institutions and structures established in the 20th century are outdated.He argued that the current arrangements place developing countries at a disadvantage by perpetuating cycles of dependence.

President Ruto said high interest rates and debt distress make it hard for developing countries to address their socio-economic challenges.

“Our aim should be to bring about real, additional financing that does not merely escalate debt burdens,” he said.

The President said there was a need for new multilateral order that fosters a balanced and equitable global partnership.

This, he explained, should involve a deliberate transfer of technologies and a purposeful flow of capital to the global South.

“This also means a seat at the table to look for solutions that work for all of us,” he added.

The Head of State underscored the importance of robust and “clear-sighted” international cooperation to bolster global initiatives in addressing climate change, alleviating poverty, and resolving conflicts.

He said adversarial North versus South and the East versus West have been counterproductive and worked against shared interests.

The President asked the European Union to invest in Africa’s renewable energy to support the continent’s aspiration of becoming a green industrial powerhouse.

“Such investment could catapult Africa to a future where energy access is universal by 2030,” he noted.

He also urged the European Union to accelerate its race to net zero, decarbonise its industry, and build the economy of the future.

President Ruto lauded the Union for facilitating the conclusion of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Kenya and the European Union.

He noted that the agreement will further boost trade and economic relations between Kenya and the European Union and expand opportunities for Kenyans.

He called for the support of the international community in the Multinational SecuritySupport Mission in Haiti.

“The support from the EU will be instrumental in bolstering the initiative, providing the necessary resources and legitimacy,” he said.


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