EACC Recovers Government Property Worth Sh365 Million in Mombasa

November 22, 2023

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) successfully reclaimed eight acres of land, including Government staff quarters valued at Sh365 million in Mombasa.

This property is part of a more extensive landholding in the Shanzu area, adjacent to Shanzu Teachers Training College, valued at Sh1.2 billion, which the EACC is actively working to recover.

The anti-graft watchdog has secured orders from the Environment and Land Court in Mombasa, halting Gulf Energy, one of the defendants, from progressing with the developments it was carrying out on the property.

On November 14, 2023, Justice Lucas Naikuni of the Environment and Land Court in Mombasa issued orders, as requested by the EACC, restraining the defendants from engaging in any transactions related to the property until the case is heard and determined. The case is scheduled for mention on December 7, 2023.

The EACC stated on Tuesday that it is actively intensifying efforts to reclaim public property that has been unlawfully seized by individuals in collaboration with public officials in Mombasa County.

Currently, there are more than 130 ongoing civil cases in Mombasa courts, where the EACC is pursuing the recovery and restoration to the public of stolen property valued at over Sh10 billion.

EACC has since successfully concluded the recovery of various properties, subsequently returning them to the public.

Among these is the Hobley Estate in the Buxton area, property of the Ministry of Housing, adjacent to the Affordable Housing Project in Mombasa, with a current market value of Sh500 million.

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The property, now accommodating County Government employees, was reclaimed through legal proceedings, leading to the cancellation of titles held by the encroachers as per the court order.

Additionally, seven prime properties, including six Government houses owned by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and one house owned by the Ministry of Housing, all located in Nyali/Bamburi Estate and collectively valued at Sh420 million, have also been successfully recovered.

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