Mtumishi’s Mother Refuses to Talk to him During Live Radio Broadcast

November 17, 2023

Former Churchill Show comedian Gilbert Barasa, also known as Mtumishi, and his mother have agreed to meet and resolve their differences following a heated exchange on a live radio broadcast.

The two were brought together by radio personality Massawe Japanni, who had a hard time reconciling the two. She hosted Mtumishi on her show to delve deeper into the challenges he has faced within his family.

In her first attempt, Massawe suffered a setback when Mtumishi’s mother declined to talk to him. The mother disapproved of how the comedian aired their family issues in public.

“Kwa nini alinipeleka akaniweka kwa ulimwengu mzima? Sitaki kuongea na yeye saa hii! Kama anataka tuongee, akuje nyumbani tuongee mbele ya watu wetu!” the mother argued.

Loosely translated: (Why did he take our issues public and expose them to the whole world? I don’t want to talk to him right now! If he wants to discuss, let him come home, and we can talk in front of our family!)

She challenged the comedian to go and substantiate the witchcraft allegations he had made against her.

“Kama alisema mimi ni mchawi, basi akuje atoe hayo manyoka. Kama mimi ni mchawi, hata yeye ni mchawi. Wachana na hizo, sitaki kuongea. Kama ni kuzungumza, ni mbele ya wazazi wangu na ndugu zangu, akuje tuongee, sitaki kuongea sasa,” the mother said.

(If he claimed I am a witch, then he should come and present that evidence. If I am a witch, then he is one too. Forget about that, I don’t want to talk. If it’s about discussing, it should be in the presence of my parents and siblings. Let him come, and we can talk then. I don’t want to talk now)

Nevertheless, Mtumishi defended himself, stating that he used the church altar to share his struggles, something he had grappled with for years.

“Mimi sikuenda hadharani. Hisia hiyo ilikuja nilipokuwa kwenye madhabahu na nikasema hapa ndipo mahali pazuri. Sio kitu ambacho nilikuwa nimepanga kusema. Niliskia tu imenitoka. Nimeishi nayo tangu nikiwa mtoto,” Mtumishi said.

(I didn’t go public intentionally. The emotions erupted when I was at the altar, and I felt it was the right place. It wasn’t something I had planned to say. I just felt it pouring out of me. I’ve lived with it since I was a child)

Speaking at a church service on Saturday the funny man had accused his mother of breaking up their family when he was young.

“Let me say this today. Even if she died I would not feel anything. I have not spoken to her in three years,” said the comedian.

“My mother is the reason why our father left us and disowned us. When I was young she tried using me to bewitch our father,” added Mtumishi.

Massawe made a second attempt to reconcile Mtumishi and his mother, and this time she succeeded. Mtumishi apologized to his mother and also accepted her apology.

“Mama, naomba msamaha lakini ningependa kujua kama nimewahi kukosea ili niombe msamaha,” Mtumishi said.

(Mom, I ask for forgiveness, but I would like to know if I have ever wronged you so that I can apologize)

The mother asked Mtumishi to organize a proper session so that they could resolve their issues once and for all.

“Kama uliskia uchungu mbona hukuja? Hata bosi yangu amekuja hapa kuniuliza, unataka kuniharibia kazi nani anilishe,” Mama Mtumishi said.

“Tutaongea nyumbani, na sio pekee yangu kabisa, na sio mahali kwingine nyumbani. Wewe ni mtoto wangu. Sina shida na wewe.”

(If you felt hurt, why didn’t you come earlier? Even my boss has come here asking me, do you want to ruin my job? Who will take care of me? We will talk at home, and not just the two of us, but with others at home. You are my child. I don’t have a problem with you)

Mtumishi was delighted that he was finally able to talk to his mother after a long time.

“Nimefurahi mama amesema tuende tuongee. Hivyo ndo nilikuwa nataka. Simchukii, nampenda ni mama yangu,” he said.

(I am happy that my mother has said we should go and talk. That’s what I wanted. I don’t hate her; I love her; she is my mother)

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