Man Drives to Nightclub with Wife’s Body in Passenger Seat

November 28, 2023

Belgut police in Kericho County are probing an incident in which a 46-year-old man is suspected of fatally stabbing his wife at their residence during a family dispute.

Belgut Sub-County Police Commander Charles Kibati reported that the man, a technician at a local tea company, allegedly used a knife in the attack on Sunday night.

Kibati said that upon the man’s arrival at home, a dispute ensued shortly afterward escalating into a physical altercation. The woman reportedly brandished a knife and attempted to stab her husband, but he evaded the attack, seized her, and subsequently turned on her, fatally stabbing her.

He is then said to have placed her lifeless body in the passenger seat, driven to the Kapsoit trading center, parked his car, and proceeded to a nightclub.

Revelers grew suspicious upon noticing bloodstains on the man’s T-shirt. They questioned him and insisted on being taken to where the vehicle had been parked.

They found the lifeless body of a woman, later identified as his wife. The body showed signs of bleeding and had injuries to the head, mouth, and eyes.

The incident was reported to Kapsoit Police Station, prompting police officers to swiftly arrive at the scene.

The man was apprehended and transported to Sosiot Police Station, where he was detained.

The deceased’s body was removed and transferred to Kericho County Referral Hospital mortuary, while the vehicle was towed to Sosiot police station where the suspect was held.

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