DP Gachagua Urges Stringent Action Against Quack Engineers

November 16, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged the Engineers Board of Kenya to get rid of quack engineers to safeguard the integrity of the profession.

During the official opening of the 30th Institution of Engineers of Kenya Convention and the 18th World Council of Engineers at the Pride Inn Beach Resort, Mombasa, DP Gachagua emphasized that only qualified and certified professionals should be permitted to practice.

“Tighten the self-regulation and surveillance mechanisms and get rid of people infiltrating your profession. You must protect your profession,” Gachagua said.

According to Gachagua, unqualified and uncertified individuals have tarnished the reputation of engineers by undertaking substandard construction projects, such as buildings prone to collapse and roads requiring repairs even before completion.

Gachagua said the government is implementing measures to address the approximately 7,000 demand gap for engineers in the country to support development.

One such initiative involves allocating over Sh628 billion, which is more than 27.4 percent of the current budget, to the Education Sector.

This allocation aims to fully implement the Competency-Based Curriculum, emphasizing the cultivation of skills and talents aligned with the learner’s chosen profession. Additionally, there are ongoing reforms in the funding model for tertiary learning institutions.

The Deputy President said Kenya will continue sending students and young practitioners abroad through scholarships and exchange programs to build and enhance local expertise to drive sustainable development.

Gachagua further challenged the engineers to invest in improving and updating their skills to meet the development demands of the country and the globe.

“I want to emphasise that Engineering for a New World must be driven by barrier-breaking innovation. Generating new knowledge means we sharpen the existing expertise through intensified Research and Development. Companies and organisations have no option but to heavily invest in Research and Development,” he said.

DP Gahcgaua mentioned that the Ruto Administration heavily depends on cutting-edge engineering expertise to successfully implement the different facets of the Kenya Kwanza Plan.

“There are immense opportunities of investment in various sectors ranging from Agriculture, Manufacturing and Industry, Digital Technology, Affordable Housing, Affordable Health, among others.”

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