Shakahola Probe Report: Senate Committee Announces Anticipated Release Date

October 2, 2023

The Senate inquiry into the disturbing revelations concerning the Shakahola cult activities in Kilifi County is reaching its final stages.

The Senate committee investigating the operations of Good News International Ministries under Paul Nthenge Mackenzie has said it requires additional time to complete its investigation.

Committee Chairperson Danson Mungatana stated that they are still in the process of concluding their fact-finding mission.

According to Mungatana, the offenses carried out in Shakahola Forest amount to acts of terrorism, emphasizing the need for severe punishment for the perpetrators.

Mungatana announced on Sunday, “We are nearing the conclusion of the investigations, but we still have witnesses who are yet to testify. Hopefully, by the end of October, we should have the complete report ready.”

The Tana River senator spoke during the launch of the Pokomo Bible, where leaders cautioned locals against adhering to religious teachings promoted by suspicious religious leaders.

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