Pastor Dorcas Advocates for the Establishment of a Rehabilitation Health Facility in Each Ward

October 2, 2023

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has proposed the establishment of a rehabilitation and recovery hospital in each ward across Kenya to assist individuals struggling with addiction to substances like alcohol and drugs.

She made the suggestion during a church service at Abundant New Life Church in Nyeri, where she was accompanied by 62 men who graduated from the boy child program in her office. These men underwent rehabilitation in Timau, Meru County.

“I came here with 62 of our graduates so they can also see what I do as a Pastor in my daily life,” she said.

“We are working to see those who dropped out of school and university go back, skilling others and also connecting them to jobs. They can pick up their lives where they left off,” pastor Dorcas added.

The 62 graduates electrified the Sunday service as they led the congregation in praise and worship.

Pastor Dorcas urged the congregation and all Kenyans to assist individuals grappling with addiction and homelessness, emphasizing that the transformation of such individuals is visibly achievable.

“The children you see outside, and it does not bother you that someone is out there without a meal and living on the streets, let us change our ways and help one another,” said Pastor Dorcas.

Pastor Dorcas expressed gratitude to the partners collaborating with her office to reach thousands dealing with addictions.

The church Bishop, Paul Wanjohi, acknowledged the success of the Boy Child program, highlighting the newfound sobriety of the men present in his church.

The men were given the opportunity to choose their paths post-rehabilitation. Some opted to return to university or high school after dropping out due to addiction. Others requested Pastor Dorcas to assist them in connecting to opportunities such as driving courses, welding, masonry, computer and IT courses, among other options.

This group commenced their rehabilitation journey on May 8, 2023, during a church event in Mathira Constituency.

The graduation ceremony took place at the official residence of the Deputy President in Nairobi on September 8, 2023. Currently, they are undergoing skill development at the Ngorano Vocational Training Center, among other initiatives.

The group’s spokesperson, Godfrey Mwago, expressed gratitude for the selfless efforts of the Deputy President’s spouse in facilitating their life transformations.

Among the group, some had battled addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana for several years. Others had experienced separation from their families, marital discord, school dropout, and loss of employment as teachers and officers in various institutions, all stemming from substance addictions.


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