CS Kuria Clarifies Statements on Huduma Services Charges

October 18, 2023

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, Moses Kuria, has reversed his previous statement, clarifying that Kenyans will not be required to pay for services at Huduma centers.

During the formal assumption of the State Department of Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, CS Kuria had stated that they would implement a fee for services provided at Huduma centers.

”You have been enjoying these services without paying, there is no more free lunch. You have to pay for it, we will introduce a fee for service for government service and private service to support our e-commerce because Huduma Centre will be the backbone for e-commerce,” Kuria said.

Hours later however the Cabinet Secretary denounced the statement, labeling it as a misrepresentation of his intended meaning.

Kuria accused the media of misquoting him, clarifying that he was referring to fees paid by agencies represented at Huduma Centres, not fees imposed on Kenyans seeking services.

”As usual, the media is misrepresenting what I said about huduma Centers, the Public is already paying government departments for services offered through huduma centers but those departments do not pay huduma centers for distributing their services to the public forcing Huduma Centres to depend 100% on Exchequer Support,’’ Kuria said.

”Such departments are the ones to pay fees for service, not the public, but it would be a dull day for the media if they do not misrepresent me.” 

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