Justina Wamae Warns DP Gachagua of Ruto’s Plot to Portray him Negatively

September 5, 2023

President William Ruto is supposedly on a mission to paint his deputy Rigathi Gachagua as the bad guy. This is according to former presidential running mate Justina Wamae.

According to Justina, Ruto is setting up Gachagua on a collision path politically. She claims that in an effort to shield President William Ruto, DP Gachagua is alienating both current and potential political allies.

The former Roots Party presidential running mate alleges that President Ruto is deliberately manipulating his deputy into making unpopular views and policies, ultimately intending to cast Gachagua in a negative light, while positioning himself as a saint among Kenyans.

Justina added that this scheme has already achieved its desired results.

“Our DP as he says might be doing his job to protect his boss, he needs to stop and think probably his boss wants him to say all the BAD things that the boss will not say so that the boss is seen as the good guy and the DP the BAD guy, which they have succeeded,” Justina opined.

She went on to advise DP Gachagua to let President Ruto speak for himself.

“The DP should realise very fast that he is already alienated and even children know that Kithure Kindiki would have made a better DP….. Mahali imefika, wacha boss pia yeye ajipiganie, ako na mdomo.”

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