KDF Country Wide Recruitment Kicks Off

August 28, 2023

The nationwide enlistment of servicemen and women by the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) commences today(Monday, August 27).

This recruitment campaign, scheduled to conclude on September 8th, will encompass various categories including general service officer cadets, specialist officers, tradesmen/women, general duty recruits, and defense forces constables.

Applicants are required to possess a valid Kenyan ID card, maintain a clean criminal record, meet specific height criteria (at least 1.6 meters for men and 1.52 meters for women), and maintain a minimum weight of 54 kilograms for men and 50 kilograms for women.

Candidates applying for GSO cadets and general duty recruits should fall within the age range of 18 to 26 years.

As for specialist officers and tradesmen/tradeswomen, the age limit is set at a maximum of 30 years.

Furthermore, individuals applying for specialist officer and tradesperson roles are required to have a minimum of two years of hands-on experience within their respective fields of specialization.

Medical fitness will be a crucial criterion, and candidates must exhibit healthy skin without significant scars or tattoos.

The KDF also emphasizes that the public should refrain from participating in any unethical practices aimed at manipulating the selection process.

Kenya´s Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla said watertight measures have been put in place to ensure the recruitment is free and fair even as he warned the public against attempts to join the military through the back door.

“I would not want a soldier who has paid his way into the service. How will you serve, how will you defend your country if you paid to join?” posed Ogolla.

He also said the Kenyan military is progressively increasing the number of female officers, which currently stands at 17 percent, in line with its gender policy.

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