CS Nakhumicha: NHIF Rates Will Drop to Sh.300 in September

August 7, 2023

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Susan Nakhumicha, has announced a reduction of Sh.200 in contributions to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) starting September.

The CS, while in Bungoma County, highlighted that the current financial year’s budget allocation to the sector will empower her Ministry to implement essential reforms. These reforms encompass revitalizing maternal services and improving medical logistics nationwide.

“President William Ruto’s government is doing a lot in the area of health. Two months from now, NHIF rates will be revised from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 300. This financial year Ksh 4.1 billion has also been allocated to support the Linda Mama program,” said Nakhumicha.

CS Nakhumicha emphasized that the Kenya Kwanza government is proactively engaged in overhauling the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) and NHIF, while simultaneously providing training and resources for community health promoters.

These initiatives, she stated, are geared towards enhancing healthcare services and making them more accessible throughout the nation.

The Health minister noted that significant challenges had afflicted the Ministry of Health prior to her appointment, including issues of corruption and mismanagement. She affirmed that active efforts are underway to restore order to the sector, assuring Kenyans that positive transformations will become evident in the near future.

“When I joined the Ministry of Health, I found a huge mess. I immediately moved in to clean the rot at KEMSA and things are back in good order there. I am also streamlining NHIF and soon the Fund will have a new CEO,” she said.

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