Watch: MP Attacks Kenya Power Engineer For Disconnecting Illegal Power Line At His Residence

July 5, 2023

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has been captured on video assaulting a Kenya Power engineer who was trying to disconnect an illegal power line at the MP’s residence in Kitengela, Kajiado County.

In the video that has since gone viral on social media, Nimrod Mbai is seen arguing and hurling insults at the Kenya Power officers.

“The president is on record saying if you are found to have connected to power illegally, you will get a metre box. You want to cut power to my children. I am a man, I can’t allow that…” Mbai says in part.

The footage captures the lawmaker repeatedly slapping one of the officials during the incident, which occurred on Monday evening.

In the video, Mbai is also seen reaching for a pistol from his waist as he grabs the engineer by his jacket collar.

The incident was reported at the Kitengela Police Station and confirmed by Isinya Sub-County DCI boss Benjamin Ndubai. “The matter was reported and we have launched an investigation over the incident. We will act according to the law in due course,” he said.

A detective privy to the investigation told reporters that Mbai would be arrested and charged in court.

“He will face the law in due course, no one is above the law,” the officer told the Nation.

Meanwhile, Kenya Power officials, accompanied by a contingent of police officers, cut the power lines at the palatial house on Tuesday. They also arrested two workers at the house that is currently under construction.

During the operation which lasted approximately two hours, Mbai was not present at the site.

The Authorities also recovered an illegal electricity meter and aluminium cables from one of the stores, as well as Rural Electrification Authority and Kenya Power cables hidden in unfinished buildings.

According to Kenya Power officials, Nimrod Mbai allegedly erected an illegal power line that extended over a distance of more than a kilometer.

Kenya Power senior security officer Peter Kathusia said the power line was not only dangerous but also caused strain on the nearby power transformer.

Kathusia mentioned that MP Mbai had failed to comply with the legal requirement of applying for the electricity connection.

“Such an illegal power line amounts to a time bomb for the occupants of the house,” he said.

Nimrod Mbai was unreachable for comment.

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