Mob Kills Boda Boda Rider Caught in Romantic Affair with Clergyman’s Wife

July 18, 2023

In Kumbatha village, in Suba South constituency, a 38-year-old boda boda rider was reportedly lynched due to his romantic involvement with a clergyman’s wife.

Citizen Digital reports that the deceased man, Wilson Onjiro Otieno, visited the home of the cleric on Sunday night to meet the clergyman’s wife, unaware that the clergyman himself was present at the time.

Area Chief Andrew Ombisa reportedly said the deceased had been engaged in a long-term romantic relationship with the clergyman’s wife. It is alleged that he would take advantage of the clergyman’s absence during spiritual functions in Sindo Township to spend the night with the wife in their marital bed.

As per the Chief’s report, the altercation between the clergyman and the deceased began when the visibly intoxicated bodaboda rider entered the house without realizing that the priest was present.

Following a prolonged argument, Mr Otieno reportedly left and returned to the scene armed with crude weapons, intending to attack the clergyman.

In a state of distress, the cleric made an emergency call that alerted members of the public, who then proceeded to assault the intruder.

According to Chief Ombisa, the boda boda rider was killed within the premises of the compound, and his body was subsequently dragged to Kumathi primary school where it was discovered on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the cleric, his wife, and their children are said to have fled their residence in response to the incident.

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