Kenya Kwanza MPs Draft Bill To Hold Raila Odinga Liable For Protests

July 13, 2023

Lawmakers allied with President William Ruto have drafted a bill aimed at controlling the escalating opposition protests led by Raila Odinga.

Led by MPs Didmus Baraza (Kimilili), Geoffrey Ruku (Mbeere North) and Josses Kiptoo (Emgwen), the members of the ruling Kenya Kwanza party are calling for Raila to be held accountable for the damages resulting from the protests.

They also want regulations on approved areas where protesters can picket.

“The right to picket and demonstrate cannot be taken away, but it must have limitations. We want to have approved areas where somebody can go and picket,” Barasa said.

While also calling for Raila Odinga to be arrested, the Kenya Kwanza lawmakers faulted the police for failing to arrest him.

MP Ruku said the Assembly, Demonstrations, Picketing and Petitions Bill, 2023 puts liability on the shoulders of organisers or demos and protests in the event of destructions, injuries and loss of lives.

“It’s high time we put effect to Article 37 of the Constitution to provide that those who demonstrate and picketing should do so in a peaceful manner,” Ruku said.

“This Bill proposes that if you organise demos and they are not peaceful, then you should be held liable,” Ruku added.

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