Driver of Londiani Truck Crash Reveals Cause of Fatal Accident

July 4, 2023

The driver of the truck involved in the accident at the Londiani junction along the Nakuru-Kericho highway last Friday has spoken out and explained that his brakes had failed, leading to the tragic incident that claimed 52 lives.

Gilbert Ntuyemungu, a 52-year-old Rwandan national, is currently recovering at the Nakuru Referral and Teaching Hospital following the accident.

Speaking to reporters from his hospital bed, Ntuyemungu said the brakes of his truck failed several kilometres from the Londiani Junction Centre.

 “The truck breaks failed once, and it started moving fast. I tried controlling it in vain,” he said.

The driver suffered multiple injuries to his head, legs, and back. When asked about the details of the incident, he mentioned that he only heard people screaming and observed some individuals attempting to rescue their belongings.

Ntuyemungu said he lost consciousness after the incident and only realized he was in the hospital on Sunday.

 “I am in pain and unable to feed, I only recall trying to apply breaks, but it failed, minutes later. I heard people scream and saw others flee the centre. I don’t know if the accident claimed lives, no one has informed me,” he said as quoted by the Standard.

The father of two said his family is in Rwanda and that he has been a driver since 1997. He said he has been plying the Nakuru, Kericho-Londiani route for years.

 “My family is not aware I am here my phone and documents and the money I had all got lost,” he said.

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