Chebet Ronoh Takes on 90-day Sobriety Challenge: ‘I’m Happier When I’m Sober”

July 27, 2023

Chebet Ronoh has invited her fans and followers who might be struggling with alcoholism to join her on a sobriety challenge.

The comedy content creator has started a series on her Instagram account where she openly discusses alcohol addiction and her recovery journey. This week, Ronoh said she has successfully been sober for nineteen days and is determined to reach the milestone of ninety days of sobriety.

Noting that her ultimate goal is to stay sober for many more years to come, Ronoh said her series primarily targets alcohol addicts, binge drinkers, and individuals who want to quit the bottle altogether.

The influencer shared her personal experience of suffering both short-term and long-term effects due to alcohol abuse, which led her to undergo rehabilitation twice and required hospitalization on multiple occasions.

Ronoh disclosed that alcoholism had a detrimental impact on her relationships and exacerbated her pre-existing mental health issues.

While she was already struggling with mental health challenges, the addition of alcoholism only worsened her condition. Through her series, she aims to shed light on the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and raise awareness about its impact on mental health.

Ronoh will be releasing an episode every week; she published the premiere episode on Monday, in which she talks about what made her start drinking and what led her to her sobriety journey.

“I always feel happy every time I’m not drinking like genuinely I’m happy, my mental health is way better, I’m able to make better decisions, my relationships always improve every time I’m sober,” she said.


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