MP Sankok Accused of Promoting Rape Culture At His Resort, “Where Women Can’t Escape”

June 14, 2023

EALA MP David Sankok has landed in hot soup with a women’s rights group for comments he made about his Osim Country Lodge in Narok.

While trying to market the getaway resort on his social media pages, Sankok said Osim Country Lodge offers a unique ‘Lover’s Nest’ that is specially reserved for copulation.

According to Sankok, the Lover’s Nest, which is a Cabin perched atop a tree, offers men value for their money as their partners would not be able to escape.

The tree does not touch the ground, only the ladder touches the ground. After you get in, the ladder is removed. Because wasichana wengi wanakula fare ama wana-change their mind.

“At the Lover’s Nest, there’s no change of mind. For the sake of the boy child, who in most cases pays the money for the house, we remove the ladder so that they stay there from evening till morning, so that the man can get the value for his money,” the lawmaker said.

Sankok’s comments have caught the attention of the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC), which is accusing him of promoting rape.

“Such statements not only perpetuate harmful attitudes but also contribute to a culture of violence and objectification,” Dr. Joyce M. Mutinda,  National Gender and Equality Commission chairperson said in a media statement.

“We unequivocally condemn this repugnant marketing pitch and demand full accountability for Hon. Sankok’s actions.”

The Commission said the MP’s remarks not only contravene the Sexual Offences Act and the Kenyan Constitution of 2010 but also undermine the fundamental principles enshrined in the constitution, perpetuating a culture that infringes upon women’s rights.

The commission has called upon the Hospitality Industry to conduct an investigation into Osim Country Lodge to ensure compliance with the law and to ensure that the establishment respects the rights and dignity of all individuals.

Sankok is also feeling the heat from Olomal Loo Ntomonok , a women’s rights lobby group that brings together all women from the Maa-speaking counties to safeguard and protect women.

In a statement on Tuesday, the activists said Sankok’s comments encourage sexual violence against women while violating women’s rights to freedom and security, and thus violate Articles 27 and 29 of Kenya’s Constitution.

“The statement by the MP advertises the lovers nest as a private source of subjecting women to sexual violence, as well as denying women right to equal protection and treatment in economic, cultural & social spheres,” Angeline Sipraro, Olamal Loo Ntomonok chairperson said.

“Hon. Sankok encourages men who spend money on women to expect sex in return as a must, whether or not the woman consents. By removing the ladder, he forces women to consent to sex,” she added.

Olomal Loo Ntomonok is now demanding that the MP issues an apology and also removes the offensive video from all platforms.

Additionally, the activists are calling for a boycott of the Lodge and the immediate closure of ‘the lover’s nest’. They also want the MP to resign from EALA for violating Chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution on leadership and integrity, as well as the core values of EALA.

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