Gloria Kyallo: How having famous sister came with its downside

June 5, 2023

Gloria Kyallo, the youngest of the TV-famous Kyallo sisters, has revealed the one downside that came with having a famous sister.

Having been shielded from the public eye as the lesser-known sibling, Gloria’s sudden emergence into the spotlight coincided with the debut of their reality TV show, Kyallo Kulture.

While acknowledging that having Betty Kyallo as a big sister came with its perks, the 24-year-old Gloria said she was affected by her sister’s highly publicized divorce from fellow media personality Dennis Okari.

“Having a famous sister also came with its downside. I remember when Betty was going through her divorce I was in form two and I did not even know about it until some teacher told me,” she told to Saturday Magazine.

Adding: “This took a toll on me not because her marriage was ending but also the way the news was delivered to me. I felt that my sister should have been the one to tell me.”

The Psychology student at USIU also spoke about Betty’s positive influence on her.

“While growing up Betty was like a mum to me and when she got her first job at KTN we all celebrated as a family and she took us out for hotdogs. Betty has always been a big influence on us. She told us to go for the best because we deserve it and never settle for anything less,” Gloria said.

“When she got her first paycheck she bought me many story books because my mum could not afford to buy me any. When she started getting famous her fame also translated to me.  I would get special favours from my school teachers. I got a soft life because of her,” she added.

Gloria Kyallo also spoke about stepping out of Betty’s shadow and becoming her own person.

“After high school, I felt that I needed to be more than just Betty Kyallo’s sister. I needed to be my own person and find out who I really was away from my sister’s shadow. I started being careful about the things that I did, the places I went to and the people I interacted with because my family was always in the spotlight.

“I have realised that I can never be Betty Kyallo’s sister forever. I need to form my own identity which in the show everyone will get to see.” She said.

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