Citizen TV Prime Time changes following Waihiga Mwaura’s exit

May 12, 2023

Royal Media Services-owned station Citizen TV has announced changes to its prime-time programming following the departure of the BBC Africa-bound Waihiga Mwaura.

In an internal memo released on Wednesday, Citizen TV said Yvonne Okwara will replace Waihiga on Tuesdays. An award-winning journalist herself, Yvonne be hosting ‘The Explainer with Yvonne Okwara‘ at 9 PM.

She currently hosts the ‘Tonight Show’ every Thursday at 9 PM.

Sam Gituku, who currently hosts DayBreak every Monday and Tuesday, will take over Okwara’s slot. He will be hosting ‘Tonight with Sam Gituku’ every Thursday.

Gituku has been hosting ‘Daybreak’ every Monday and Tuesday.

Royal Media Services Editorial Director Linus Kaikai praised Okwara and Gituku as able journalists who will deliver on their new assignments.

“Yvonne Okwara is a very strong accountability-driven journalist with a strong record in public interest reporting and she is best placed to execute the Explainer.

On Gituku, Linus Kaikai said; “He brings the unique strength of data journalism, just understanding those numbers and breaking them down. When Kenyans are being told 3% of their salaries goes to Housing, what exactly does that mean? Sam will be walking through those numbers explaining those numbers, breaking them down in a way that our audiences will consume better.”

The Royal Media Services Editorial Director added: “We understand that news is no longer just news, there has to be a meaning behind news and we are responding to the needs that are arising and the challenge that is being placed on us by our audiences.

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