Massage By Steve: How Trending Masseuse Fights Temptations

April 4, 2023

A Kenyan masseuse who has been trending on social media platforms has spoken out, revealing how he controls his sexual urges and those of some of his clients.

Stephen Collins Kariuki, the owner of ‘Massage by Steve’, is mostly popular on TikTok and Instagram, where he shares videos showing him giving his nude clients sensual erotic massages.

Steve spoke in an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko saying he ventured into the massage business after high school.

“I have always had a passion for massage therapy. I loved doing it to my friends and that is when I realized that I could make a profession out of it and that is when I went to CBD to study massage,” said Steve, who was born in Nyeri.

The masseuse said he used to work in Diani and is now a freelancer after the Covid-19 pandemic displaced him from the industry.

And speaking about the erotic nature of his business, Steve admitted that he is only human but knows how to fight temptations.

“I’m human, I’m a man with feelings of course. A man’s body will obviously react after touching a woman. The most important thing that I can say is I’m able to control my mind and I’m able to resist any kind of temptation.

“I’m always in control of the situation especially when things escalate on the client’s end. I’m able to handle them and they feel good,” Steve added.

The masseuse mentioned that he always informs his clients that whatever they may feel during the massage session is temporary.

He also claimed that he cannot tolerate getting intimate with clients because it would ruin their professional relationships.

Steve also claimed that some of his clients offer him valuables in exchange for a happy ending, but he turns them down because he values and respects them.

The masseuse says the farthest he can go is a yoni massage.

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