Makueni Woman Out To Conquer Mount Everest in Nepal

April 11, 2023

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has flagged off Dr. Faith Mwende Christopher to go and climb Mount Everest in Nepal, the highest mountain in the world.

Dr Christopher, who is jetting out of the country Tuesday, said mountaineering is her passion and she intends to create awareness about climate change and promote peace and mental health that has adverse effects on humanity.

The resident of Kilungu Sub-county in Makueni County started her journey of mountaineering when she was in Standard Three in the hilly area.

Christopher says she has climbed Mount Kenya ten times and Kilimanjaro three times besides climbing Meru (Tanzania), Aberdare and Elgon in (Kenya) and Nyiragongo (Democratic Republic of Congo).

“Mountaineering is a passion for me that I cannot tell when I started, our parents used to take us for picnics and hiking while growing up. So mountaineering is an inborn skill,” Christopher said at the Makueni Governor’s office last week.

“I used to be excited and jump when I got to the top of Kilungu hills. However, Mikiyuni River that used to have all of water has dried up. I want to create awareness on climate change besides mental health that is overlooked,” she said.

If she succeeds in scaling the highest mountain in the world, she will become the first Kenyan woman to reach the summit where she is expected to pitch the Kenya flag and that of Makueni County respectively.

Christopher said that when she returns back to the country after two months, she will embark on campaigns to conserve the environment in Makueni and the country at large.

Kilonzo said that she will become the Makueni climate change champion, saying the county has had adverse effects that have affected climate change.

He pointed out that the county has recently faced drought and forest fires that affected Nzaui, Makuli and Katende forests in the area. “Please come we start new forests,” said the Governor.

Gender and Sports Executive Committee Member (ECM) Mr. Nicolas Nzioka said that the county government of Makueni has paid for a two-way ticket for Christopher who is flying to Nepal in Asia on Tuesday.

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