CS Kuria – Govt ready for dialogue but not power sharing deals

April 11, 2023

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has said the Government is ready for a dialogue with the opposition leader Raila Odinga but not on a power-sharing deal.

The CS who was speaking at a church service in Nanyuki on Sunday said that the dialogue should revolve around how to develop the country and at the same time noting the government wouldn’t allow anarchy to continue.

“What we need is peaceful demonstrations if it’s a must. We haven’t refused to hold dialogue with anyone in the country or foreign mediators on how we can work more or how to work differently,” said the CS.

“What we can’t allow is that after we are done with elections, we start another on the streets that is impossible. I want to assure, as Cabinet Secretaries, there will be no power sharing,” he added.

At the same time, Members of Parliament (MPs) from Mount Kenya region reiterated that dialogue between the Azimio party leader Odinga was welcome but not power sharing. The MPS said that opposition leaders should respect the constitution.

“Our appeal is for people to respect the constitution and elections conducted by citizens. If it’s about dialogue all the time, I don’t see the need for elections. Those who lost the elections should be patient and give us ample time for development,” said Simon King’ara, Ruiru MP.

The MP further said that the government should allocate resources based on population across the country for equal development.

Kabete MP Githua Wamucukuru said that if there will be dialogue, the Azimio party leader Raila Odinga should forget ‘Nusu Mkate’ government.

“This issue of being defeated in elections and bringing chaos all the time should come to an end. Since 1997, when he lost, there has been sympathy and accommodation in the government,” said the legislator.

The legislator lamented that bursary allocations by the government was not enough and called on other MPs to develop a clear roadmap on how to share the kitty based on the number of people in their Constituency.

Laikipia Woman Representative Jane Kagiri said if there will be any dialogue, Mt Kenya region should be prioritized on government resources allocation, noting what the counties were getting was not enough.

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