Luis Suarez is the best shooter of the Dutch Championship 2009/2010

April 21, 2023

In the championship of the Netherlands, there is always a tense struggle for victory, as well as for individual awards.

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In the 2009/2010 season, Luis Suárez won the top scorer title in the Dutch championship.

The forward had 35 accurate shots on his account. Thanks to this, he was far ahead of all the competitors. Unfortunately, Suarez’s impressive performance did not help Ajax, whose colors he defended, to win the national championship. The team lost by only 1 point to Twente.

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The forward was a regular goal scorer for both major rivals Ajax and teams at the bottom of the table.

His talent was evident to everyone, so it was no surprise that the Uruguayan was promoted to Liverpool a year after his triumphant season. He continued showing his class there and regularly hit his opponents’ gate.

The main strengths of the forward

Ajax played very bright and attacking soccer in the season 2009/2010.

The team averaged more than three goals per game. It is an amazing efficiency that could not boast any competitors. Therefore, in every match, Suarez had a lot of chances to show his skills.

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So, Suarez played in a team that attacked a lot and was a central figure in the offense. Therefore, the Uruguayan had a lot of chances in every game.

Moreover, the following qualities helped him to win the scoring race:

1. A well-put, powerful shot. Luis wasn’t shy about hitting from any position. It often paid off, and his shoots reached the target.
2. The ability to open up in time and make a breakthrough. It often puts the attacker in a better position than his competitors.
3. Excellent body play. The forward could push away almost any opponent, which gave him a competitive advantage.
4. Aiming for the opponent’s gate. In every match, Suarez looked for chances to strike. It often brought results.

Yes, Ajax failed to win the national championship that season, but Luis was very good.

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