Tanzanian beauty Hamisa Mobetto has revealed what turns her off the most in a man who wants to date her.

Speaking to radio presenter Millard Ayo, the popular Instagram personality said her biggest red flag is when a man talks about siring children before getting to know her as a person.

The 28-year-old mother of two lamented that a majority of the men who hit on her just want to impregnate her.

“90% ya watu ambao wananiapproach wanatakaga Watoto. Mimi ata sijui ni kitu gani. Naweza kutana na mtu leo ata nje ya nchi, nchi za mbali, alafu cha kwanza ataniambia like you are the mother of my child without even knowing my name,” she said.

Hamisa said the quickest way for a potential suitor to lose her interest is talking about siring children.

“Kwanza my biggest red flag ni mtu akiniambia nataka mtoto. Nataka unizalie. Ukitaka kesho nisipokee simu yako just say that. Umeniona jana leo unataka niwe mama wa mtoto wako? Unaweza usinione tena,” she said.