Danstan Omari demands Sh11 million from Kimani Ichung’wah over Koinange Street tweet

April 28, 2023

Popular city lawyer Danstan Omari has made good on his threat to sue Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah for alleging that he is well-known in Nairobi’s infamous red-light district, Koinange Street.

About two weeks ago, Omari, through his lawyer Brian Mabeya, served Ichung’wah with a demand letter giving him seven days to retract a tweet he sent out in February and apologise lest he faces the law.

The apology never came and as of Thursday, April 27, Kimani Ichungwah’s tweet was still up.

Omari has now petitioned the court to compel Ichung’wah to pay him Sh11 million for damaging his reputation.

In court papers, the lawyer’s lawyer claims that Ichungwah’s tweet was defamatory by way of innuendo, knowing fully well that the insinuation the MP made against his client was untrue.

“He published the said offensive and defamatory tweet out of malevolence and spite and without justifiable cause thereby discrediting the good way and the reputation of the plaintiff,” court papers read in part.

Advocate Mabeya adds that the tweet has had the effect of potentially ruining Omari’s life by planting seeds of doubt and hate in the hearts and minds of people since he is a married man.

In his affidavit, Omari laments that Kimani Ichung’wah falsely and maliciously associated him with Koinange Street so as to paint him as an immoral person who keeps the company of sex workers.

He claims the National Assembly Majority Leader had also subjected him to psychological anguish, embarrassment and suffering by infringing on his right to dignity thereby occasioning him loss and damage.

In addition to the Sh11 million compensation, Omari also wants the court to refrain Ichung’wah from publishing or causing to be published further defamatory words against him.

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