Police in Homa Bay County have launched a manhunt for a Bishop accused of burning a human skull at Lwanda Nyamasare beach in Suba North constituency.

The cleric reportedly led his congregation to the beach on Sunday claiming God had directed him to retrieve a human skull from Lake Victoria and burn it immediately.

Citizen reports that the bishop had been invited for Easter prayers at a local church in Gembe West Location on Saturday.

During his visit, the clergyman claimed to have had a vision during prayers to find a skull in the the waters of Lake Victoria within Lwanda Nyamasare beach.

He reportedly told his congregation about the vision and convinced them to follow him to the lake where he retrieved the human skull from the water.

Confirming the bizarre incident, Kasgunga East Sub-Location Assistant Chief Francis Kasuku said the matter was reported to him by Lwanda Nyamasare Beach chairperson Michael Aroko after the bishop and his congregation started burning the skull at the beach.

The administrator informed the police who arrived at the beach to find the bishop had disappeared to an unknown place. Efforts to trace him were futile.

The officers from Mbita Police Station recovered the skull and took it to Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital where the morticians confirmed it was a human skull.

 The skull is awaiting forensic analysis as investigations continue.