Akothee hints at going gospel after receiving praise from pastor Ezekiel

April 18, 2023

Akothee could follow in the footsteps of other Kenyan musicians who ditched secular music for the gospel.

This is after the renowned televangelist Pastor Ezekiel reserved special praise for the celebrity singer following her wedding with Denis Schweizer.

During one of his mega crusades in Mombasa recently, Pastor Ezekiel used Akothee as an example to encourage other single mothers looking to get married.

“If the president of single mothers(Akothee) is married, then the Cabinet Secretary, the CAS, and all government employees will get married in Jesus’ name,” Pastor Ezekiel preached.

He added: “I was so happy to see that she was married. Now I pray for all single mothers to get married too.”

Reacting to the cleric’s remarks, Akothee indicated that it was a calling to ditch secular for gospel.

“Aaah pastor Ezekiel amenifikia, Akothee BIG 不不不不不不 Sasa nimeitwa I am jumping from secular to Gospel Nani anabisaa,” she wrote.

This is not the first time the businesswoman has hinted at going gospel. Just last month, Akothee said she started out in the gospel scene as a choir member at the SDA Church

I still feel the calling to be a Gospel singer inside me but the way the church is set up, I find a lot of the members very hypocritical and I hate being told what to do,she said.

About five years ago, she also told off critics who were on her case for abandoning the church.

People reminding me of church, Am I the one holding the church key? Dont you know that I was the best soloist in my church! Do you know that the church choir would feel empty in my absence? & the day I miss church everyone would know that mama vesha was not in church today! Do you know why I stopped gospel and went secular? she posed in her Instagram post.

Adding: Its because I could not keep up with the hypocrisy, the moment I got divorced, the entire church members I knew, family friends etc, turned their back on me, none of them or their wives wanted to associate with me! Preachers used my family status as an example to preach in church!gave me all kinds of names because they heard the story from one side! No one wanted to associate with me! Rejection is poisonous, thats why most people mistake my attitude towards life for arrogance ????, Mimi ni msabato, sijabeba kifunguu ya kanisa yenyu wewe enda church ongea na Mungu wako, hatakuuliza dhambi zangu.


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