Activist vows to replant LGBTQ flag on Mt. Kenya

April 14, 2023

An activist has vowed to scale Mt. Kenya again to replant an LGBTQ rainbow flag that has since been brought down.

The Twitter user, @juelz_loverl, first hoisted the original flag in 2019 with a friend identified as Alex. All was well until last weekend when a group of Kikuyu traditionalists destroyed the flag in a cleansing ritual.

The group, under the banner of Booi wa Kirira Kia Mugikuyu, loosely translated to ‘the gathering for Kikuyu culture’, said the ashes from the burnt flag would be thrown into the river that flows to the Indian Ocean.

“It is an affront to Gikuyu spirituality, for members of this community to desecrate our Supreme Altar by raising their flag on KÄ«rÄ«nyaga (Mt Kenya),” said Kimani Charagu, a founding member of Booi wa Kirira.

But @juelz_loverl was having none of it and rubbished the destruction of the flag as ‘nonsense’.

“In 2019 we (Alex and I) put the (LGBTQ) flag up on Mt. Kenya. All this nonsense of it being taken down, I’ve decided 2023 I am going back up Mt. Kenya to put up the flag!” @juelz_loverl tweeted.


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