We Will Not Reward Impunity, President Ruto Insists

March 21, 2023

President William Ruto has said he will not condone impunity in the country.

He said Kenya will be governed by the rule of law and everyone must operate within the Constitution.“Nothing extra-legal will be part of what we do as a Nation,” he argued.

“As we enjoy our rights as individuals, we must be careful to ensure that we do not trample on the rights of others.”

He was speaking on Monday at State House, Nairobi, where he witnessed the swearing-in of Solicitor General Shadrack Mose.
The President said he was confident that Mr Mose will offer leadership based on his experience, knowledge and understanding of the law.

“Provide leadership and ensure that the Government gets the right legal guidance to discharge its mandate,” he explained. He asked the Solicitor General to champion for appropriate legal framework that will enhance Kenya’s Global Competitiveness.

“It is our commitment to ensure that we attract as much foreign direct investment as possible. We want to borrow less and do more for the country.”

The President noted that once Kenya wins the trust of international investors, it will wean itself of unnecessary borrowing.  He told Mr Mose to ensure that the Government gets the best legal representation at all stages.

“Any award against the Government is an award against Kenyans. We want to settle awards that have merits.”

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