Nairobi Man Uses Wife’s Phone To Invite Her Lover, Burns Him With Boiling Water – Court Hears

March 13, 2023

A Nairobi man was last week arraigned in court for allegedly assaulting his wife’s lover.

Eric Gombe Mombo, a hospital supervisor, is said to have attacked Boniface Musyoka on February 11 at Umoja 1 estate in Kamukunji, the Nairobian reports.

The court heard that Mr Mombo used his wife’s phone to trick Mr Musyoka into coming over to their home.

At around 11 pm before the fateful night, Mombo, posing as his wife, texted Musyoka saying “she” was lonely and needed to see him the following night.

Mombo claimed  “the man of the house” was away in Mombasa for work.

In the morning, Mombo reportedly secretly took his wife’s phone to his workplace and continued texting the complainant reminding him of their plans.

Mombo asked Musyoka to go direct to the house at 11 pm saying the door would be open.

As agreed, Musyoka arrived and got into the living room, where Mombo allegedly lay in wait with boiling water and splashed it down from the face, chest to arms.

The complainant tried to run away but Mombo reportedly pursued him. The commotion attracted neighbours who cornered Musyoka and beat him up.

Police arrived and rescued Musyoka from the mob and escorted the parties to the police station where investigations were carried out, leading to Mombo’s arraignment.

Mombo denied the charges; the court released him on a cash bail of Sh50,000 and scheduled the hearing for July 11.

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