Karen Nyamu Tables Motion To Increase Minimum Wage by 50 per cent

March 22, 2023

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is seeking to have the minimum wage in Kenya increased by 50 percent from Sh15,120 to Sh22,680.

In her motion, the lawmaker argues that the current minimum wage is too low for an ordinary Kenyan to survive on.

She adds that by increasing the minimum wage workers will be more productive which will, in turn, allow the government to collect more revenue for the betterment of the economy.

“Further aware that there exists a symbiotic relationship between the employer and the employee where both acquire mutual benefits from each other, considering that workers form the largest part of the consumer base for most goods and services produced in any economy,” Nyamu says in her motion.

“Appreciating that in the year 2022 the then government reviewed the minimum wage upwards by 12% thereby making the lowest paid worker earn Ksh.15,120; Recognizing that the government collects huge revenue from employees in form of taxes and other statutory deductions.”

Karen Nymau is expected to table the motion in Parliament today, Wednesday, March 22.

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