Amber Ray Tears into Vera Sidika Over Chopper Gender Reveal Stunt

March 20, 2023

Social media personalities Vera Sidika and Amber Ray treated their fans to a heated online catfight that started after they both hired helicopters for their gender reveal parties.

Vera, who pulled off the chopper stunt first, called out Amber Ray for copying everything she did for her gender reveal party.

But Amber Ray was having none of it as she came out guns blazing accusing Vera Sidika of leading a fake lifestyle.

Amber claimed Vera was broke and was forced to move from Kitusuru in Nairobi to Mombasa because she couldn’t afford to pay rent.

“You moved from Kitisuru where you lied to people that you had bought the house. Your former landlord was a family friend, and I would never tell people that you moved to Mombasa due to outstanding rent arrears, which you haven’t paid to date,” she wrote.

“You kept calling our mutual friend stressing how broke you were and you have to host a baby shower and book for a hospital. Our friend funded your baby shower, which you did at a mutual friend’s house backyard because you couldn’t afford to pay for a location.”

Amber appeared to have touched a nerve as Vera hit back with receipts and M-PESA transactions showing that she paid for her baby shower and hospital bills.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi actress claimed Amber was bitter and told her to stop spreading lies and focus on her pregnancy.

But Amber was not done there! She went after Vera’s singer husband, Brown Mauzo, claiming he was jobless.

“You claim to inspire us, yet you can’t inspire your ‘guy’ to get a job. Anyway, I’m planning my baby shower, and I’m willing to pay him to perform at least tuone kama talanta itakubali apate kakitu. Sis, you see that life you pretend to live; some of us live it without the need of coming to social media with fake receipts to prove a point. Let’s normalize staying in our lanes?”Amber fired.

Of course, Vera Sidika hit back denying the broke claims and adding that Amber could not afford Brown Mauzo even if she wanted to.

“You and your entire village combined can’t afford to pay my husband for a show. Keep dreaming. He would rather perform for ants and roaches. Were you not the one parading pics with him all over Instagram? If you couldn’t afford to pay him, then what makes you think you can afford him now? Oh wait, is it because of the few coins from Mr…I get it, But still can’t afford even,” she said.


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