Zari Rubbishes Diamond’s Financial Support

February 28, 2023

Zari Hassan has once again opened up about raising her five children on her own.

In an apparent dig at her former lover Diamond Platnumz, the South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman shared a video on TikTok dancing with her daughter Tiffah and talking about the struggles of being a single mum.

“Who said women can’t raise kids on their own?” she posed.

Zari added: “Yes, women are doing it all lately. Because sometimes, it’s the only choice we have.”

One TikTok user, however, tried to correct her saying Diamond Platnumz provides for their two children Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

“But the father to those two kids supports u dear,” the fan wrote.

Zari Hassan agreed but pointed out that the Tanzania singer only offers financial support.

“Financially supporting me doesn’t mean raising a child. know the difference.” She said.

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