What Bahati Said About Diana Marua, Yvette Obura Feud

February 27, 2023

Singer Bahati has played down a reported fallout between his wife Diana Marua and his baby mama Yvette Obura.

Diana and Yvette had recently enjoyed a cordial relationship before fans noticed something was off between them.

On top of that, Yvette’s daughter, Mueni Bahati, has been conspicuously missing from Bahati’s household and their YouTube videos.

Diana Marua gave the biggest hint that things were not okay after a fan said Mueni should be spending time with her siblings.

“Imagine if Mueni was there too. Whatever it is that happened, I rebuke the spirit of separation in Jesus’ name! Let peace reign and God bring back baby Mueni home to her siblings,” the Instagram user wrote.

Diana wrote back: “Let’s not involve Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness, and spite. Love and light.”

When asked if all was well within his household, Bahati said there was nothing to show Diana and Yvette had fallen out.

“Nani alisema walikosana (who said they fell out). You know let me tell you hata siku wanapatana, sikuuliza Diana, (even when they met I didn’t ask Diana) and it’s upon them, the fact remains that I have only one wife and her name is Diana Marua, the rest is history,” the singer said.

Bahati also explained why Mueni Bahati has been MIA.

“About my daughter Mueni…she is my daughter, that doesn’t change…I cannot say she is no longer living with us…. she changed schools because also tulikuwa tunakaa na yeye for so long and she didn’t have a lot of time to bond with her mum so the mum requested akue kwa a school that is closer.

“So her mum requested for a school near her place so that she can be bonding with her daughter and is the same level as that of her sisters. I make sure wote wako the same…school fees hata nadhani pengine ni more expensive, but I think it is the same level,” he said.

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