‘Unga ya Bhangi’ and Other Goodies Justina Wamae Would Have Achieved As Deputy President

February 20, 2023

What if Kenya didn’t have Riggy G as Deputy President but instead had Justine Wamae? While the odds of that happening were always going to be high, the former Roots Party deputy presidential candidate appears to be keeping the dream alive.

Ms Wamae and Roots party chairman George Wajackoyah did manage to capture people’s attention thanks to their radical ideas, especially on marijuana decriminalization.

Six months since they lost the Election to William Ruto and Riggy G, Justina Wamae has revealed what she would have achieved had she become Deputy President.

Taking to her popular Twitter page, Wamae listed 5 things she would be reporting after just six months in office. Unsurprisingly, most of them are Marijuana-related, including ‘Unga ya bhangi’ which would be retailing at just Sh50.

Below is that list.

“6 months later, As Deputy President, I would be reporting.

1. Cohort 1.50,000 youth would be multimillionaires

2. Unga millers would have Unga ya bhangi kwa shillingi Hamsini tu.

3. Cooking oil ya bhangi would be retailing at Ksh 20 per litre and so on and so forth. #INATUHUSU

4. Cohort 2 of Employment Initiative would be reporting to Kulalu Galana. Cohort 1 would have received proceeds of bhangi.

5. Rivertext would be roaring since bhangi raw material for textiles is received =Nguo za bhangi Money used as capital for industrial investment.”


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