Nairobi Man Recounts How Police Trailed Him After Withdrawing Cash and Robbed Him

February 28, 2023

A man is counting losses and nursing injuries after he was allegedly abducted by police officers and robbed of cash in Utawala, Embakasi area.

Naftali Kamau, who resides in Kamakis area, told police that on Friday at around 9:40 am, he withdrew Sh600, 000 from Equity bank Utawala branch.

He was to deliver the funds to his lawyer at his Donholm office for a transaction.

While on his way, he noticed a motor vehicle –  a white Toyota Axio registration KDB 055P- trailing him.

Mr Kamau said the vehicle sped, overtook and blocked him at the junction of Baraka estate.

“Two armed traffic police officers, a lady and a gentleman flagged me to stop and asked why I was overspeeding. As we were talking, they opened the doors and entered my vehicle and grabbed the brown envelope that had the money I had withdrawn,” he said in a police report.

The complainant followed the officers to their vehicle where he found two other people in civilian clothes.

Kamau told police he demanded his money back but the cops told him to board their vehicle. They sped off towards Utawala and threw him out of the vehicle at the Benedictor Junction.

That was before they robbed him of his two iPhones.

During the robbery, the man sustained injuries on his neck.

Police have since circulated the motor vehicle number plate as investigations continue.

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