CS Aisha Jumwa Cancels Extension of Civil Servants’ Retirement Age

February 28, 2023

Cabinet Secretary for Public Service Aisha Jumwa has halted all processes leading to the extension of service for retired civil servants.

In a letter to Public Service Commission chairperson Ambassador Anthony Muchiri, CS Jumwa indicated that her decision to cancel the extension also affects those who had already been cleared to continue service beyond the mandatory age of 60.

“The purpose of this letter is to request that all extension review cases be suspended and any other existing cases be revoked to enable proper legislations and succession management guidelines to be implemented across the public service,” said the CS

The CS said her decision arises from a surge in reported cases of persons wanting to have their services extended beyond the set age in total disregard of the law.

“It has come to the attention of the ministry responsible for public service that public officers who have attained the mandatory age as provided under the Public Service Commission Act are making numerous appeals to the commission for unjustified extensions,” she wrote.

CS Jumwa confirmed the directive in a TV interview, saying the move is aimed at creating job opportunities for fresh graduates.

“I wrote a letter to the PSC and told them that we have a law and if someone has attained the required age to retire aende akiendanga so that we give younger people opportunities,” she said.

“We have also said in this in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto that we will create job opportunities for young people in the nation.”

The CS said once her directive is implemented, it will pave the way for a “seamless transition for university students into the working sector”.

“What will happen to university graduates who are looking for jobs? I have been visited by many of them, yet there are offices they qualify to occupy but the positions are held with people who ought to have retired,” she said.

“That is why you look at some of these government positions and you ask yourself why is this person still here?”

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