Ruto – We Will Promote Environment For Revival of Prosecutorial Zeal

January 31, 2023

President William Ruto has said it is possible for Africa to have in place a mechanism that will detect and deter crimes.

He said technology has furthered terrorism, violent crimes and illicit trafficking of arms, which threaten the continent’s success.

“It is time to deliberate on strategies of ensuring that there are no safe havens for criminals in Africa,” he noted.

He was speaking on Monday in Mombasa County where he opened the Africa Prosecutors’ Association Conference.

In particular, he told the prosecutors — drawn from 43 countries — that there is the urgency with which they must approach offenses related to pollution.

“The stakes are [very] high; you must radically enhance your capacity to pursue and deliver environmental justice.” The President reminded the prosecutors that they are the custodians of the rule of law, and as such, they must be independent, fair and informed by the law.

He explained that Kenya is committed to promoting an ideal environment for the revival of prosecutorial zeal.

“We will deliver on our commitment to allocating adequate resources to enable agencies in the governance, justice, law, among others, to perform their functions effectively and efficiently.”

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