Omar Lali: I Lost Count of all the Women I Slept with

January 12, 2023

Omar Lali says his body count is so high that he lost count of all the women he has ever slept with.

Speaking to investigative journalist John Allan Namu, Lali admitted he was a playboy before he decided to settle down with the late Keroche Heiress Tecra Muigai.

The 52-year-old senior beach boy, who is still under probe for alleged involvement in the death of Tecra, said he was a free spirit before he met Tecra.

“I don’t like to be controlled. I don’t want to be told what to do because if I meet a woman, I told them what I did- like, this is me, they have to put up with me the way I am. I have slept with so many women I have lost the count. I was a playboy, that’s the right word to say,” he said.

Lali said Tecra was well aware of his ex-wives and playboy lifestyle and that she accepted him nonetheless.

He also said Tecra was not insecure about him or his past because she knew what she was doing.

Lali maintained that he did not kill Tecra and never laid a finger on her because they were each other’s happiness.

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