Marijuana Smuggling Syndicate Busted At Industrial Area Prison, Warders Arrested

January 11, 2023

Police officers in Makadara, Nairobi are questioning two prison warders in connection with a marijuana smuggling ring at Industrial Area prison.

Makadara sub-county police commander Ms Judith Nyongesa said the two prison officers are a sergeant and a constable.

They were arrested on Monday after being found in possession of 451 rolls of cannabis sativa with a street value of Sh11,000.

“The warders were found with the rolls of bhang which were so skillfully concealed that no one could easily suspect them,” Nyongesa told reporters.

Makadara Criminal Investigation Unit boss Felix Nyamai Kithuku led a team of detectives that busted the syndicate.

Kithuku said the undercover team received confidential information that the marijuana would be brought into Nairobi and be smuggled by prison warders to be sold by prisoners inside the correctional facility.

Kithuku said his unit in cooperation with officers from Makadara laid a strategic trap to nab the prison warders.

“We had detectives who were following the suspects, while we had others who waited for them at the prison gate. Unaware of our presence, the suspects, who are both attached to Industrial Area Prison, were immediately ambushed and arrested as they passed the main gate of the prison carrying the consignment,” Kithuku said.

“Currently, the suspects are being detained for questioning so that they can provide us with the names of those who bring the narcotics to them and those who sell them and we also know where they are grown.”

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