Jalang’o Defends Sakaja, Asks Kenyans To Pray For President Ruto

January 11, 2023

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour(Jalang’o) has defended Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja over the backlash he faced for erecting billboards welcoming Nairobi dwellers back to the city.

Speaking to reporters, Jalas wondered why people had an issue with the welcome-back billboards.

“What is the issue when your governor tells you welcome back? You were at your rural abode, you’ve come back and you’ve been informed to leave the jembe and come eat Nairobi’s pilau…where is the problem?” he posed.

The former comedian noted that the billboards were a nice gesture to remind Nairobians to get back to work.

“If you see the billboard along Waiyaki Way telling you, ‘Welcome back’, that’s your clarion call to start changing your mindset.”

Jalas joked that Sakaja should erect at least seven more billboards.

Jalang’o at the same time sympathized with President Ruto, saying he needs prayers and support to turn the country around.

The first time acknowledged that the President has the daunting task of fulfilling his campaign pledges.

“If the settling in constituencies is this hectic, you can imagine in the president’s capacity. Everybody is looking at you, watching you,” he said.

“He(Ruto) speaks a lot about so many plans and we hope he gets to deliver. I have always told you, again and again, all we need to do is to pray and support our president. That’s it.”

Jalango mentioned that despite him being in the Opposition party, he hopes Ruto can succeed.

“If Ruto fails, we all fail. If he makes it, the whole country is happy and that is what we want for everyone out here. We want the president to succeed in leading us. He has the mantle that’s it.”

The Lang’ata MP also mentioned that the ruling party tried to poach him from ODM.

“We have been called severally. What is important is that you should stand for your beliefs and the party that sponsored you to parliament,” he said.

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