Fake Music Producers Conned Me But I Never Lost Hope – Gospel Singer Dorcas Nzula

January 9, 2023

Dorcas Nzula is a gospel music composer and singer known for songs such as Pokea Sifa Mungu Baba and Msaada Wangu. Before cracking the local music industry, Nzula fell victim to fake producers who disappeared with her recording money.

She shared her story with the Nairobian.

Briefly introduce yourself.

I am Dorcas Nzula, a gospel artiste and a minister through singing. I am happy that God gave me the talent of singing and blessed me to be called a musician.

How and when did you discover your singing talent?

I have been singing since my youthful years to date. When I was young, I didn’t understand what I could become in future. However, I came to notice that I could sing well when I was in high school. By that time, I used to sing and people would admire and encourage me to continue singing. From that time, I gained courage to become a musician, although I did not know where to start.

What was your first recording experience like?

I did my first studio production in 2017. That is when I felt confident to start producing my songs. But for sure, it was not that easy because production needs a lot of money and I didn’t have enough money for the process.

What other challenges did you face?

I did not know anything about music. I also had no one to show me the direction in my music career. I met another lady who was my neighbour and she had recorded one gospel song. I asked her about music and where she has recorded her song and she took me to the studio where her producer was. I recorded an album with him, but at the time I did I know he was not a qualified producer.

What happened then?

I had already paid the producer a lot of money, so I kept waiting for the final product. I waited for a long time without success. Unfortunately, he ‘ate’ my money and the work was not done. I came to find out he did not know anything about recording or production. After a long time I realised I was wasting my time, so I stopped pursuing him.

Did you lose hope in your music career?

Despite the challenges, I never lost hope in music. From there I went to a second studio where I recorded one single song.

Interestingly, the guy also ‘ate’ my money and failed to record the track. When I started following him up, he changed his place of work and I was not able to find him until today. I have gone through many losses in my journey of music, but I know one day God will restore what I lost.

Despite the setbacks you went on to produce successful songs. Tell us about that experience.

Yes, I thank God because he enabled me to record my songs which are currently successful. As at now, I have produced 12 songs. Some of them include Sala Yangu, Msaada Wangu, Pokea Sifa Mungu Baba and others. People can listen to my songs on my YouTube channel Dorcas Nzula.

What else do you do besides music?

Apart from music, I also engage in cosmetology, but currently, I am out of business due to the harsh economy. Unfortunately, things have not worked out for me well since the time the Covid-19 pandemic hit Kenya. I am still hoping to recover when the economy looks up.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Since my music is growing every day, I see myself going far in terms of recording and producing my music. Although the pace of growth is slow, I see myself being a big person lifted by God to serve him through music and reach many souls. Besides, foresee my life and my financial status being changed by my music career. My joy is to touch many souls through my music and transform them in matters of faith to believe in God more.

What is the main challenge people in the music industry face?

Gospel musicians are expected to put on a smiling face yet you could be facing several challenges at a personal level.  Many Kenyans don’t know the challenges some gospel musicians go through behind the music journey. We need people to support us since the cost of producing songs is enormous in today’s economy. We need a kind support system to enable people with talent in making gospel music produce more songs without breaking under the weight of the challenges.

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