Online Games That Are Easy to Play

December 13, 2022

With the rise of the internet generation, people have turned to the internet for all their requirements, be it to purchase their favorite meal, to connect with their friends and families, or to place wagers on their favorite Betway events.

As a result of this trend, game developers are continuously porting classic titles and creating new online-playable games.

Given that tens of thousands of online games are available today, we will discuss some of the best and easiest-to-play online games in this article.


The popular Slots game has made its way into the online platform, thanks to Betway, which offers the best slot variant while also providing you the opportunity to bet on your favorite games.

This online variation features a number of additional perks, like the auto-spin function, a vast array of unique symbols, and interactive bonus rounds.

Players have the opportunity to predict the correct sequence of symbols and will win the round if their prediction is accurate.

Line Rider

Boštjan Čadež, a Slovenian student, created this fun internet game in late 2006. It is a classic online sandbox game in which the main character, Bosh, can ride his sled on a track created by drawing lines.

The game has no end, and you can draw complex paths to perform flings and other unrealistic stunts.

Most gamers submit their custom tracks to social media, allowing others to download and use them in their games.

Cookie Clicker

Just as its name suggests, Cookie Clicker involves generating cookies, which can subsequently be used to acquire assets, such as buildings, that can create additional cookies.

This is a great never-ending incremental video game that was published in mid-2013 by DashNet.

Cookie Clicker fans are always dedicated to ascending to higher levels until they reach the prestige levels, where they can permanently keep earning heavenly chips that can be used to acquire further upgrades.


If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you need to play this game. Threes is an addictive video game developed by Sirvo and launched in early 2014.

The objective of the game is to slide numbered tiles across the screen so that they combine into multiples of three. The game lasts a few minutes and concludes when the player has exhausted all possible moves.

The Wiki Game

Most people love to surf the internet for a bunch of things, such as to know the latest news, the most trending celebrity gossip, or even the best games that are available to wager on Betway.

The Wiki Game combines all this into a fun activity, where players have to randomly click Wikipedia links in order to arrive at a certain pre-selected article in as few clicks as possible. The player with the fewest links will win the round.

Some popular variants of the Wiki Game include 5-Clicks-to-Jesus and 7-Clicks-to-Hitler.


Players who love to build towns and villages will find this incredible online game thrilling.

Gridland is an arcade video game developed by Doublespeak Games and launched in August 2014. The gameplay consists of matching identical items and using them to build a fortified town and its defenses.

The faster you construct before nightfall, the greater your odds of preventing the night’s horrors from invading and destroying your town to the ground.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, playing online video games by yourself, with friends and family, or with others from around the world can be simple and exciting.

In addition, they are playable on multiple devices, so if you are following your favorite sport on Betway or just streaming music, be sure to try one of these online games in between the sessions.

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