Njoki Muchemi: Slain Kenyan Woman and Daughters to be Buried in US

December 15, 2022

Mary Njoki Muchemi and her two daughters will be buried in the United States, the family has said.

Muchemi, 49, and her daughters Andrianna Stanton, 17, and Brianna Stanton, 11, were shot dead by her husband Gary Stanton on Saturday, December 3.

Stanton then turned the gun on himself at their house in Louisville, Kentucky.

Njoki Muchemi’s family says the two families have agreed that the victims will be laid to rest in the US where they were citizens.

“Both families had a lengthy discussion and resolved that the burial should take place in the US,” said Njoki’s brother, Moses Muchemi.

He said the victims will be buried on December 22.

“I and my two brothers and our uncle shall soon be leaving for the US to give the final respects to our beloved sister,” Muchemi added.

Muchemi described Stanton as a “good man who loved his wife and children and the fatal shooting came as a shock to everyone”.

“Mr Stanton loved his wife and children and we never thought he would make such a shocking decision. Even now we are still reeling in shock,” said Muchemi.

“He had a passion for his wife. He and my sister shared bank accounts, they were honest to each other and no one expected that their good relationship would end in a bloodbath,” he added.

The software engineer said the family is eager to know what provoked Stanton “to do the unthinkable.” He said Stanton and Njoki Muchemi had plans to start a joint private medical business in the US.

“Lives have been lost and what we can do at the moment is to forget everything and bury the victims as we wait for the conclusion of investigations by the US detectives,” Mr Muchemi said.

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