Motorists Be Warned: NTSA To Lay Traps For Traffic Offenders This Festive Season

December 2, 2022

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has intensified a crackdown on traffic offenders as we approach the December festive season.

Speaking on Thursday, December 1, NTSA Director of Registration and Licensing Christopher Kinyua Wanjau noted that motorists’ disregard of traffic rules usually results in increased road accidents during the holiday season.

To tame the accidents, NTSA said it has partnered with National Police Service (NPS) and other stakeholders to intensify crackdowns on various roads and highways.

Part of the crackdown will involve laying strategic traps to catch motorists flouting traffic rules.

NTSA will target reckless and speeding drivers, drunk drivers, failure to put on seat belts and bodaboda operators not using helmets.

Mr Wanjau also said the Authority has engaged various stakeholders to train motorists on road safety.

“We are working with all those stakeholders to ensure that this festive season to ensure the number of accidents reduce,” Wanjau said.

“The aim of this (training) exercise is to increase road safety. We will have all riders trained on road safety aspect by NTSA.”

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