Kenyans BEWARE! Fake Online Jobs in Thailand Could Cost You Your Body Organs

November 17, 2022

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a notice warning the Kenyan public against fake jobs in Thailand that are being advertised online.

The Kenyan Embassy in Bangkok said the online ads are usually for sales and customer care jobs. The embassy said the fake jobs agents are online scammers who are wanted by the police.

Apparently, victims of the job scam end up in Myanmar where they are used to commit cybercrimes. Those who fail to get the targeted number of clients, mostly Americans, are usually assaulted and locked up for days without food.

“The Kenya Embassy in Bangkok issues warning to Kenyans to stop applying for fake sales and customer care jobs in Thailand advertised online. The Embassy is deeply concerned that despite previous warnings in the media and online platforms, Kenyans continue to fall prey to online job scammers, who are unrelenting in their search for innocent Kenyans,” the Embassy said Wednesday, November 16.

“Many of the agents, wanted by the police are still advertising sales and customer care jobs purported to be in Thailand with impunity, well aware that there are no such jobs.”

According to the Ministry, victims also risk being subjected to forced labor or having their body organs harvested.

“The Kenyans and many other Africans working in the forced labour camps run the great risk of losing their body organs and lives as well. Already one young Kenyan has died as a result of a botched operation by quack doctors operating in Chinese-run factories in Myanmar. Others who have been rescued have returned home in crutches and broken limbs after being severely beaten by up to 20 gang members operating in the factories,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Embassy added that there are some Kenyans in Myanmar, with rescue operations proving difficult. It added that some Kenyans have chosen to stay in Myanmar.

“Since August, the Embassy, working together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the governments of Thailand and Lao PDR as well as the IOM and HAART Kenya have rescued and repatriated 76 victims including 10 Ugandans and 1 Burundian,” the Embassy said.

“The rescue operations have however been hampered by the raging civil strife in Myanmar. Recent army operations killed over 60 people in the area controlled by rebel groups, who provide protection to the Chinese cartels. The Embassy is concerned that some of the Kenyans, lured by the promises of good pay have opted to remain in Myanmar and Lao PDR to continue committing cyber-crimes. These groups of Kenyans present a serious threat to Kenya’s national security.”

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